DBT Informed Practices for Eating Disorder Treatment in Higher Levels of Care

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Speaker: Dr. Anita Federici, PhD., C.Psych, FAED; The Centre for Psychology and Emotion Regulation


Part 1:
Session 1 – Broadening the lens: rationale, bio temperament, and biosocial theory
Session 2 – Team stance: standard vs. DBT, assumptions, two-step model, validation, and dialectical strategies
Session 3 – Commitment and targeting: “house of DBT,” commitment strategies, hierarchy, and tracking
Session 4 – Skills in programs: selection considerations, skills practice and coaching protocol

Part 2:
Session 1 – Intro to behaviourism and target groups
Session 2 – Diary cards and chain analysis
Session 3 – Dialectical dilemmas and secondary targets
Session 4 – Contingency management protocols
Session 5 – Additional skills practice
Session 6 – How to run a consult team

Flyer: DBT-ED Flyer

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