Understanding Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) Series

Other Clinical Teaching Topics

Facilitator: Dr. Mark Norris, MD, FRCPC, CHEO and University of Ottawa

Description of Event: This will be a series of on-demand recordings on ARFID topics.


  • Session 1: The ABCs of ARFID – Understanding Its Origin and Introduction in the DSM-5
  • Session 2: Assessment Procedures of ARFID – History Taking Part 1: Essential Components
  • Session 3: Assessment Procedures of ARFID – History Taking Part 2: Diagnostic Considerations and Medical Examination
  • Session 4: ARFID and the Canadian Context: How has Canadian Research Shaped What We Know of the Illness
  • Session 5: The Multidisciplinary Team – Key Take Aways and Considerations for ARFID

Learning Objectives: 

Session 1:

  • To review relevant history that contributed to the DSM-5 introduction of ARFID.
  • To review the definition of ARFID with commentary on the definition’s evolution over the last decade.
  • To provide case examples that help attendees understand when a diagnosis of ARFID should be considered.

Session 2:

  • Review essential components of the history

Session 3:

  • Review physical examination for a child or adolescent with a possible diagnosis of ARFID.
  • Review diagnostic considerations and medical work up for a child or adolescent with a possible diagnosis of ARFID.

Session 4:

  • To provide background relating to ARFID’s introduction in the DSM and context for how this shaped ED research across the Country
  • To outline and provide examples of how clinically relevant questions can inform important research programs in EDs
  • To describe Canadian ARFID research studies that have influenced what we know about ARFID

Session 5:

  • Review of the role and application of a multi-disciplinary approach to ARFID care
  • Discussion of considerations relating to ARFID conceptualization that may impact allied health members assignment and needs

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